20 Ways to Work from Home without Spending More than $100 in Australia

20 Ways to Work from Home without Spending More than $100 in Australia

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Whether you’re from the blazing lands of Australia or from the icy country of New Zealand, all you need is the desire to earn cash and you will. Well, desire and effort, specifically. If you have these two, then you’re good to go!

Whether you’re a teenager or a full-fledged grown-up, there are numerous ways to turn your house into a money-making machine for less than $100 or even for free! Thanks to the ever-increasing influence of technology, it’s easier for people to connect and trade service for cash. If you’re not familiar with technology, that’s okay too! There are still ways to work from home without using fancy laptops and mobile phones, as is included in this guide.


Without further delay, I present to you 20 ways to work from home in Australia or New Zealand, online or not!

  1. Answering Surveys

Since this is a well-known method, a quick google search will give you a list of survey sites that claim to exchange cash for answering surveys. However, most of them have a high cash-out rate and scarcely any surveys, taking you at least 6 months to redeem $10. I know what you’re thinking: It’s not worth the time, and quite frankly, I agree.

Here’s the good news though, among these waste-of-time sites, there are a few diamonds in the rough which can be accessed from Australia and New Zealand. Keep in mind though, that answering surveys is considered a passive method to work from home. It’s something you do in your free time; when you find yourself bored, open this site and answer a few surveys:

  • InstaGC – I have tried this site myself, so I can attest to its validity. It’s easy to earn points, as surveys from InstaGC offer an average of 50 points (100 points=$1). In addition, the cash-out is a minimum of 100 points, making it easy to redeem; all you need is a verified paypal account. This site is also available worldwide; be it in Australia or New Zealand.
  1. Test websites or applications

There is no easier way to work from home: all you have to do is go to the Usertesting website and provide a sample review. (They provide the recording software; all you need is a good microphone, a computer, and a talent for following instructions!) Once you’ve passed their screening test, you’ll receive requests to surf various websites for a price of $10 each review. A review usually takes up to twenty (20) minutes. This site is also accessible from all over the world, the countries Australia and New Zealand included.

  1. Work From Home by Freelancing

Do you have some hidden talent or skill? It doesn’t have to be very impressive; your skills can range from being able to develop an application to being able to write. There are plenty of people who would pay to put those skills to good use, and what’s more is you can do the work wherever—you can work from home in Australia or New Zealand!

A couple of trusted freelancing websites include Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. Writing, programming, and translating are the most in-demand skills from these sites, and if you’re not good at these, it’s okay! You can offer proofreading or editing services too! Every once in a while, there will be local jobs as well. If someone from Australia needs you to review an Australia-based application, then hurry up and bid! If someone is offering a project catering solely to people from New Zealand, then why not bid as well?

For those new to the freelancing industry, I’d recommend bidding for low prices at the beginning, until you’ve received a good number of positive reviews and have built up a reputation for yourself. Also, just because you’re given the freedom to work from home doesn’t mean you have the freedom to slack off. Finish jobs within the agreed deadline, and don’t make a habit of giving up on a project halfway; you’ll end up with angry, negative reviews from your employers!



  1. Pet Sitter

Before you ask, yes, some would pay to have their pets taken care of, especially if they are very busy. The catch is that you don’t need any prior experience; your love for animals would suffice! Make your clients drop-off their pets at your house before heading off to school or work, and voila, an easy method to work from home and earn some extra bucks in the process!

Be sure to take proper care of the pet left in your possession. Feed it and entertain it if you must. Oh, and don’t let snakes, spiders, and other dangerous animals near it, (Come on, you know how abundant those are in Australia!) and most importantly, don’t betray the trust your clients have placed in you.

  1. Becoming a Seamstress

We’ve all experienced it: either naturally or by accidentally, we’ve all torn our clothes. When that happens, we either sew it back on or head to the local seamstress in order to get it fixed. If you do the former, then congratulations, you’re already a step ahead! If you’re the latter, then don’t worry too much; sewing is actually quite easy to learn! Try practicing; it should take you less than a day to understand the mechanics and soon be able to work from home in New Zealand or Australia!

With your sewing skills, you could sew for others whenever they encounter a wardrobe issue that they are too lazy or unskilled to fix themselves. You can charge half a dollar for every job order, maybe even more. Repairs normally take no longer than 10 minutes so it’s a quick and easy way to work from home in Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Work from Home by Selling Online

From secondhand jackets for the cold weather in New Zealand to handmade crafts for the typical Australian person, you’ll find that you can basically sell anything online. You only need a good camera with matching skills, plus the ability to write enticing product descriptions. The most trusted sites include eBay and Amazon (for brand new or secondhand products), Redbubble (for merchandise from popular franchises), and Etsy (for handmade/vintage crafts). Since most of the activities are done online, it’s an easy way to work from home using your computer in Australia or New Zealand!



  1. Work from Home by Tutoring

Do you have some knowledge you ought to share to the public? You can offer tutoring services for those younger than you are. You could either instruct them to head to your house, or just have the tutoring session online. You don’t have to be a Math whiz or anything; in fact, just by being fluent in English, you can tutor people from foreign countries who are eager to learn the language online. Online or in person, through a computer or not, you still have income; you’re able to work from home be it in Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Babysitting

Are you responsible enough for parents to entrust their children to you? If the answer is yes, this job is a perfect fit for you! “Babysitting” is usually just used for formalities; the children you look after are commonly around 5 to 12 years old, so, good news, you won’t need to change their diapers every 3 hours. You only have to look after them and make sure they’re safe and well-provided. Just remember to keep them away from the dangerous animals, especially with how it is Australia! If you have a trustworthy reputation, parents would agree to dropping off their children in your house, providing you an additional method to work from home in New Zealand or Australia.

  1. Garage Sales

Do you have some clothes that haven’t been used for more than a year? Some collectible/appliance that you keep telling yourself you’ll someday use but never do? Why not accept the fact that these are items you’ll never use them and start a quick and easy garage sale in your house? All you need is a table where you can set all your items for display, and a sign that reads “Garage Sale” for people who are passing by to see. You can also advertise your garage sale online, so as to make more people attend and stop by your house, enabling you to work from home in Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Selling your photos

Have you ever searched for photos in the internet? Perhaps you needed it for that one project or for your meme collection. Whichever purpose, wasn’t it really hard to find the perfect photo without those annoying watermarks? That’s because the person who took the photo sold it to the site, and the photo can only be used if it is bought by someone who needs it (usually corporate companies). For every purchase, the site gets a cut from the sale, but majority of the earnings go to the original source of the photo. The most well-known and trusted site is Shutterstock. By simply taking pictures, you’re able to generate income; a truly efficient method to work from home in New Zealand or Australia.

  1. Cooking and/or Baking as You Work from Home

Would you label culinary arts as your passion or hobby? Then this work from home strategy is perfect for you! All you need are cooking skills and cooking ingredients. You could either set up a mini-restaurant, serving rice and/or pasta for people. If you’re more of a baker than a cook, you could prepare additional servings of your favorite cupcakes and/or cookies and sell them for a living. It is recommended that you advertise you newly-opened shop; either by posting some flyers outside or through social media. What’s more, you can do this from whichever country, be it Australia or New Zealand!

  1. Youtube

The best thing about Youtube is that you can start with any topic of your choosing; superb video editing skills aren’t necessary. You could do a range of things, from playing your favorite game to singing your favorite song. You could also vlog and tell the people about exciting events in your life. Just remember to update your content frequently, and to choose enamoring topics so that your viewers remain hooked. By planning to make your Youtube content inside your house, you’re able to work from home in Australia or New Zealand comfortably.

  1. Instagram

Surely you have an instagram account. If not, well, what are you waiting for? Go and make one right now! All you need is a good amount of followers for people to request shout-outs from you. A simple instagram post recommending a sponsored user can pay you from $5 to $15, depending on the amount of followers you have. It’s a convenient and quick way to work from home in New Zealand or Australia.

  1. Write eBooks

Surely there are some important lessons you’ve learned through your life, and you can make an eBook out of those! You could make a book about anything. Examples include “10 Things I wish I Knew When I Was 20” or “How To Make Money Online.” This takes some time and effort, as is required from writing a book, but once you’re finished, you can sell your book at Kindle to reap what you sow as you work from home in Australia or New Zealand!


  1. Blogging

Blogging is also a well-known method to work from home. There are plenty of blogging sites out there, but WordPress is the easiest and most trusted one among them. The best thing about generating income through blogging is the freedom that comes with it. It’s entirely up to you when and what to post, as long as you leave your readers intrigued and wanting more. Blogging can be done by whomever, regardless of which country they reside in, be it Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can generally be defined as earning a portion of the sales (commission) for a product that you promoted. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. The customer gets his/her desired product, the seller makes an additional sale, and you get additional earnings for contributing to the sale. As you work from home in Australia or New Zealand, all you need is a platform to promote (social media/blogs), and you’re good to go!

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, take note of these tips:

  • Only recommend products that you are familiar with; products that you would willingly recommend to a friend or family. That way, you can build up a reputation as someone with quality recommendations, making your readers put more faith in future recommendations.
  • Never directly state “Buy this!” or “Buy that!”—recommend rather than command. Talk about your experience of using the product, and remember to be honest about your reviews, else risk the trust that your readers have placed in you.

Remember these tips, and you’ll shortly be able to work from home in Australia or New Zealand as an affiliate marketer!

  1. Restore and Sell

Have some old furniture lying around? You could refurbish and sell it as if it were brand new! This isn’t limited to old furniture, you could do this to many more products and appliances, such as bicycles and vehicles. The restoring can take some time and can be a bit pricey, but it’s an easy way to hit two birds with one stone: you can de-clutter as you work from home in Australia or New Zealand!

  1. Comic Writing

If you’re a skilled cartoonist or graphic artist who wants to earn money doing what they love, then Webtoons is the perfect site for you. You can publish literally anything—as long as the characters and the story are all yours. Webtoon will feature your story once you get enough exposure or if they believe your comic to be spectacularly drawn and written. Once featured, you get paid depending on several factors, including views, likes, and comments. All you need is a drawing tablet and an editing software such as Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai to start your career as a graphic artist and work from home in New Zealand or Australia!

  1. Laundry/Ironing Service

Are you the housekeeper of the family? Put your skills to good use by starting a laundry/ironing service for people too busy or inexperienced to do it themselves. Start small; volunteer to do the laundry and iron for friends and acquaintances. Once you earn enough, you could expand your business, purchasing more washing machines and dryers, even hiring your own staff to do the labor instead. You could set up your business at your house and work from home from Australia or New Zealand.




  1. Watch Videos

Last but not least, Snuckls is a site where you can generate a bit of cash by watching videos. The earning process is tailored after the lottery, which involves a lot of luck. Thus, this is classified as a passive method to work from home. Draws are made everyday, and the minimum cash-out is $0.02 through Paypal. Some of the videos are actually meaningful and entertaining, so it’s a fun way to kill some time. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get into the site without a referral link (you can try), so if you are interested then use this link to access the site. Moreover, this site is accessible throughout the world, even from Australia or New Zealand.

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