50 Profitable “Work from Home” Online Business Ideas Anyone Can Start in Australia

50 Profitable “Work from Home” Online Business Ideas Anyone Can Start in Australia

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If you know nothing about businesses, then they may seem nothing more than complicated jargon. But the thing is, you don’t need a fancy degree in Business Management in order to be qualified to start a business. Even better, you can start whenever; no matter what you’re educational attainment is in Australia or New Zealand!

You can manage your business as you work from home. Thanks to technology’s ever-increasing influence in our way of living, more and more people are flocking to online services. Take advantage of this, and start your online business now!

  1. Web designer. Precisely because the internet is such a huge hit, many people are looking to get exposure by advertising their products and services online. In doing so, they will need an efficient web designer who can set up their website in a creative manner.

Of course, in order to become a successful web designer, prior knowledge and experience with the art of creating and designing a website is a must, enabling you to work from home in Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Virtual assistant. All you need is diligence and a basic grasp on schedules and emails and you’re good to go. Many business owners are looking for online assistants that could help organize and lessen their workload.

Since this is a job that is in demand and doesn’t require much educational background or experience, it’s easy to find this type of work from home job you can do in Australia or New Zealand!

  1. Consultant. If you have some background in fields that require specialization, put your knowledge to good use by offering consulting services to those looking for advice in your specialized field.

This could be about starting and maintaining a business, about legal matters, or even personal relations. People are always looking for some guidance, and who better to give it than someone as knowledgeable and experienced as you?

  1. Graphic designer. This type of job commonly includes the creation of logos, brochures, pamphlets, and the like. Proficient skill in the use of digital design programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Paint Tool Sai is a necessity.

Most companies looking for graphic designers require a college degree in fine arts, so plus points if you have one! If you don’t though, it’s okay, you can prove your skills by providing a sample portfolio of your previous designs in order to attract more customers, allowing you to work from home in Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Web researcher. Your idea of research is probably visiting various libraries, gathering data about a specific topic. But with the help of the internet, collecting information has never been easier as you work from home in New Zealand or Australia!

A web researcher is in charge of differentiating facts from opinions. Before making a certain product public, companies have to verify whether or not the information is true, else they risk the reputation of their business.

  1. Search engine optimizer. Have you ever conducted a Google search before? Oh, who am I kidding, everyone has surely done it at least a hundred times. Now, remember how there were thousands of results but you only paid attention to the first pages that popped up? That is the job of a search engine optimizer; to make a website rank higher in the search results.

Being a search engine optimizer commonly means checking the keyword distribution, organization, and links that are contained in the website. This is something you anyone can do as they work from home in Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Tutoring. While this requires at least a college education, the demand for online tutors is higher than ever. You could start up your own tutoring company and hire other professionals to help tutor students, so that all the possible subjects are covered.

The best thing about tutoring online is the fact that you don’t have to travel to your students’ house in order to teach; all you need is a good computer and a fast internet connection and you’ll be able to work from home as you live in New Zealand or Australia.

  1. Sales. You could sell almost anything online nowadays, thanks to advancements in digital communications. Decide on a particular product; be it clothing, shoes, books, or anything else.

Once you’ve got that covered, just start advertising your shop online and you’ll find that many people are prefer online shopping to physically going to malls to shop, allowing you an extra option of ways to work from home from Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Etsy store. Etsy is the perfect selling platform if you’re a creative person who enjoys making handmade or vintage products as you work from home. People who adore creative handmade crafts are always looking for some products that are worth the cash!
  2. Data entry. Keeping their company database updated is very important for businesses, which is why data entry is a very in demand job wherever you live, be it in New Zealand or Australia.

As a worker with the task of data entry, it is your job to accurately input information into the company’s provided system. The information could specifically be financial or medical records, depending on the type of company you work for. This is an easy way to work from home.

  1. Ebook writer. Reading through digital books is the new trend! The business of ebook writing has never bloomed as much as it does today.

Choose a topic you like and get started. You could literally go with anything. If your specialty lies in writing self-help books then go for it; if you’re more of a novelist, then start writing now! There are plenty of platforms where you can write and publish your own book as you work from home in Australia or New Zealand.

As a tip, if it is your first time writing an ebook and you still haven’t built up a reputation, you can sell your book for cheap, gradually increasing the price as you get loyal followers who can ascertain the quality of your books.

  1. Accountant. If you have a degree in accounting, then it becomes increasingly easier for you to start up your own accounting business as you work from home in New Zealand or Australia. This job includes calculating and wrapping up taxes for companies, and, if you’ve built up a good reputation in the market, you could also offer consulting services for an additional fee.
  2. Customer service. There are a variety of services you can offer, such as handling client inquiries and complaints and taking orders for the business that you work for. The diversity of the job makes it a well-rounded business choice for you as you work from home.
  3. Blogging. Tell the story of your life or talk about your hobbies. Blogging can be a fun work from home business to get into, especially if you enjoy writing.

Blogs take time to grow, but with proper advertising and constant blog updates, you’ll gain a notable amount of followers in no time. From there, you could recommend certain products and services through subscription options or affiliate marketing and rake in a good amount of cash.

  1. Medical transcription. This job basically involves transcribing audio files recorded by medical professionals into text. Commonly, companies only accept people with proficient knowledge about medical terminologies and transcribing experience.

It would also help to have good earphones in order to make your job easier, making the recording file audible for you as you work from home from Australia or New Zealand.

  1. Resume writing. We all know it: in order to apply for a job, we need to submit a resume that contains all our achievements prior to applying. Given the importance of a resume in being accepted into a job, there are plenty of people looking for experienced writers who can organize their resume in a way that increases the likelihood of being accepted into a job, allowing you to work from home in New Zealand or Australia.
  2. Affiliate marketing. If you already have a popular blog, website, or social following, affiliate marketing becomes increasingly easier for you. Just recommend a certain product or service by talking about its positive points, and link the product in your blog.

The more people that click the link and buy the product, the more cash you rake in as you work from home!

  1. Web content writing. Every website that has been recently launched needs content in order to attract more people into viewing it. This is usually in the form of writing articles that cover the overview of the website, including the services that the company offers.
  2. Photo editing. Are you skilled with photoshop? If yes, then that’s all you need in order to offer photo editing services as you work from home. This type of job includes simple tasks like changing backgrounds and enhancing images.
  3. Language tutor. English is the universal language of the world, but many foreign countries are not as skilled as you would think them to be, which is why you could offer to teach Basic English to students from all over the world as you work from home in New Zealand or Australia.

If you know a different language, such as Korean, French, or Japanese, you’ll be able to find people eager to learn the language as well.

  1. Advertising. If you have a special talent in convincing people, then put that talent to good use by offering advertising services to companies eager to market their products to the public. Your duties as an advertising agent ranges from creating slogans to developing strategies for the company you serve as you work from home.
  2. eBay Seller. Specialize in a certain category on eBay, be it clothes, antiques, electronics, or anything that you constantly have a stock of. Remember though, eBay simply helps you with the exposure of your product, shipping and packaging is still your responsibility.
  3. Online thrift store. Accept some donations from close friends and family, and simultaneously de-clutter your house. Set aside products that are still in good working condition; those that you haven’t used and will never use again.

Take good photos of your products, set a price, and wait for cash to come knocking at your door as you work from home!

  1. Survey taking. Taking online surveys is a good way to make some passive income. As long as you can differentiate legitimate sites, such as Swagbucks and InstaGC, from scamming ones, you can make a good amount of money passively.
  2. Sell used books. We all have those college books we will never use, or maybe some children’s storybooks that we’ve grown out of. The easiest way to attract customers would be to sell them through Amazon, enabling you to work from home.

Remember to set the right price on your book. If your book is rare or out of print, they’re usually worth much more than they were originally.

  1. Evaluate search engines. If you have sufficient knowledge and experience with handling search engines, then companies will definitely want to avail of your services.
  2. Customized t-shirts. People always take great care in order to be considered fashionable. If they want a particular design, then they will likely try to get a custom t-shirt designer to get the exact result they want.

Offer t-shirts in different colors; if they want, let them choose their own catchy saying that is to be printed on the shirt. This is an artsy way to work from home in New Zealand or Australia!

  1. Artist. Whether it’s digital or physical, good art will always be appreciated. Post pictures or upload your art online and see if people would want to buy it. Also offer commissions for customers, as you’re likely to earn more doing so.
  2. Editing. If you’re able to pick out simple grammatical and spelling errors, while being able to provide alternatives for style errors, then perhaps you should become an editor. For people to hire you, you’ll have to provide them samples of your work, in order to be able to showcase your impressive writing skills as you work from home.
  3. Real Estate. While most people like to see real estates with their own eyes before agreeing to purchase, more and more people are becoming aware of the easy way of making transactions online.

This is usually done by people who are too far away from the property they want to buy, and thus agrees to purchase the property even without seeing it.

  1. Personal shopper. People are too busy to select what they want, especially with the ever-growing selection to choose from. You can make their lives easier by narrowing down the options fit their personal preferences; send pictures and catalogues of the products and allow them to choose as you work from home.
  2. Travel Agent. People always want someone to take the burden of planning off their shoulders, especially when on a holiday. More often than not, travel agents arrange hotels, flights, and tours online, enabling them to work from home.
  3. Social media manager. In order to keep their businesses in the game, companies set up a social media account, which customers can follow in order to receive the latest news, updates, and promotions of the company.

However, maintaining the social media account can serve as a hassle to most people, so they hire a social media manager to do that for them, allowing you to work from home.

  1. Gift baskets. You could create beautifully put together holiday-themed gift baskets to attract customers who find it difficult to select a gift for their loved ones. Take good pictures and put them up for sale online to attract more customers.
  2. Jewelry Making. Creating necklaces and bracelets is actually much easier than it looks. If you have a knack for making splendidly crafted jewelries, then you can make a good amount of cash selling them online.
  3. Nutrition coach. Losing weight aside, being healthy is also just as important. As a trained dietician or nutritionist, you could offer advice and exercises that your customers could follow in order to remain physically fit and healthy.
  4. Manage emails. With the rise of digital communication, emails are considered the most prominent type of formal messaging, especially for businesses. However, most employees receive too many emails that it becomes hard to manage properly, especially if they are a generally busy person.

Become an email manager and respond to emails, set appointments, and handle complaints as you work from home.

  1. Ghost writing. The downside to this job is the fact that your name won’t be credited, but hey, if you’re willing to write a book for someone with insufficient skills, then you can do this.
  2. Copywriting. If you’re someone who can write effectively and convincingly, then this is the job for you. It involves writing with the intention of being able to make a sale.
  3. Event Planner. If you’re a natural at organizing parties and events, then this is perfect for you! You will have to set up the venues, catering, and decorations of the party, which can prove to be quite fun as you work from home.
  4. Interview coach. People’s performance during job interviews is crucial in whether or not they will be accepted. Many people would pay to be given advice and mock interviews in order to prepare for the actual thing.
  5. Life coach. Did you know you can make profit simply by being able to provide thought-out advices to people? That’s basically what a life coach does. Be it in personal issues such as relationships or parenting, or life-changing career decisions, just make sure that you don’t provide brusque advice while you work from home.
  6. Technical writer. If you enjoy writing in a straight-to-the-point way, then technical writing should come naturally to you. Just be sure to understand the topic you’re writing about, in order to prevent the spread of misinformation.
  7. Educational videos. This could not involve anything academic (though if you want to teach chemistry or physics, that’s okay too!); simple tips like how to fix some a broken toy or how to unclog the sink would suffice.
  8. Digital Photo Album Creator. Being able to organize images in an appealing and soothing way is a talent in itself. As an additional tip, the digital photo album would be more attractive if it has some background music and relevant captions.
  9. Apartment locator. When moving into an entirely different city or country, most people don’t enjoy having to check out every apartment in town just to decide on one. This is where apartment locators come in.

You can narrow down their list of choices by enumerating every option that suits their preference while you work from home. As an added bonus, remember to inform them of special features of each apartment, such as gyms, swimming pools, and the like.

  1. Logo Designer. Newly launched businesses will always need a fresh and creative logo that they will be remembered by. In order to accurately depict the sort of logo the owners want, remember to keep a constant communication with them; send drafts and layouts and ask them for their opinions.
  2. Remote Technical Assistance. If you have a proficient understanding of electronic devices and how they can be repaired, put that knowledge to good use by offering online technical advice to people who need it as you work from home.
  3. Online cooking school. People are always looking for new ways to spice up their meals, and if you have new recipe ideas to share, you could always upload them to the internet. Bonus points if you are able to make a video of the step-by-step process of cooking!
  4. Personal stylist. Nowadays, it’s all about fashion! If you have a knack for matching skirts and blouses, for choosing the right pair of shoes with the right dress, then perhaps you could offer fashion advice online, and become a personal stylist.

Phew! Fifty is a lot, isn’t it? Don’t feel overwhelmed just yet! You don’t have to choose every idea that is enumerated here; stick with one, a specialty of yours, before starting to entertain the thought of other launch ideas. Maintaining a business is hard work, after all.

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