Paid Surveys Websites to Avoid!

Paid Surveys Websites to Avoid!

The truth is, one never becomes a millionaire filling paid survey websites, however; no doubt it is a decent way to generate yourself some extra money. The fundamental to maximize your time is finding a reliable board that actually pays you, only then you can earn money in ease of your home.

Websites to avoid

There are websites to be mindful of conning you, such as those demanding money to participate in their program, and/or exaggerate the income you will be awarded with, at the end of your survey job.

Below mentioned list will wary you of the fraud kind:

  1. Payment required – All paid surveys should be 100% free. Any website that makes you pay for registration, offers paid product or starter kit should be abstained.
  2. Personal information – It is typical to provide some personal information but one must never reveal the bank or credit card details. Legitimate websites will only request for name, age, gender, email and likes to send you paid surveys.
  3. Emails seeking information – It is all normal to receive surveys or other related content by email. However, never respond to emails from strangers seeking your personal information.
  4. No privacy policy – Website missing a privacy policy is considered unreliable and may share your personal information with others. If it holds the privacy policy, take your time to get familiarize.

Finally …

You are at liberty to choose more than one paid surveys. Make sure you find yourself a genuine website that truly pays.



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